How to Use Microservices to Build a Data Lake on AWS

May 8, 2018 Sabyasachi Gupta

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Sabyasachi Gupta

Sabyasachi Gupta, aka Sabby, has been working in the software industry for his entire career. Sabby has performed multiple roles - starting as a Software Engineer and then managing projects to architecting startup products and leading and managing high-performance agile product teams. He has experience in multiple business domains like healthcare, media, airline, financial, and more. Sabby was one of the initial adopters of 'Api First' design, big data technologies and microservices architecture during his technical leadership role at Myspace - a pioneer in social networking. He believes building SMART (Scalable, Measurable, Available, Reliable & Testable) software is non-trivial and hence wants to do his part of cascading his experience of building SMART software. In his current role he is leading the technical architecture of few big data products @ Zaloni, located in Research Triangle Park, North Carolina

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