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The Data Lake Reference Architecture

December 7, 2017

Leveraging a Data Reference Architecture to Ensure Data Lake Success

Companies are bursting at the seams with data that they would like to leverage to transform their business, but are quickly realizing that traditional technologies can't support their digital transformation or meet their new business needs.

As a result, many organizations are modernizing their data platforms, turning to scale-out architectures such as data lakes. But a poorly architected data lake is also limiting. It can result in a data swamp where data is dumped indiscriminately, providing limited visibility, and thus, limited value. Architecting a data lake for success requires a thoughtful approach.

This paper outlines a reference architecture for a data lake that can set you on the right path. This paper will discuss:

  • Zaloni’s data lake reference architecture
  • Future-proofing your data lake stack
  • Example case studies with data flows

Architecting Data Lakes

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